Film Credits:
Lead - She Feast (Feature Film, Pre-Production) as FBI Chief "Vic" (2012)
Lead - Red Shirt (Pre-Production) as Sheriff James Carver (2012)
Lead - The Cloning (Pre-Production) as Doctor George Henry Lusk (2012)
Principal - The Final Shift (2011, as Detective Jenkins) Wildbeagle Productions, NH
Lead - Manifest Destiny (2011, as Teacher) Dir by George Dalphin
Lead - She Feast (2010, as Police Chief) Winner of 2 Film Festival Awards, IMDb
Lead - Two Grand (2011, Post Production, as Morton) Donnie Hiltz
Lead - Pine Sol Detox (2011, Post Production, as Manager)  Jessica Charle
Lead - The Cloning (Pre Production 2011, as Dr. Lusk) FTF
Lead - Scooter McGruder (Post Production 2011, as "Scott McGruder", IMDb) FTF
*Scooter McGruder won "Best Feature Film" at the L/A International Film Festival 2011
Lead - Back to the Beyond (Post Production 2011, Dibacco Films, as "Professor Bourne")
Special Features – Perkins 14 (After Dark Films, 2009, Craig Singer, dir)
Principal - You Can't Kill Stephen King (Post Prod 2011, as Gas Station Attendant, Killer, Stunts, and Stunt              
Coordinator - credited
Credited "Edge of Darkness" ( Starring Mel Gibson / Ray Winstone, listed on
Lead – Anikruya (IMDb, 2009, Penny Jar Films/Unicovia Films, as "Martin Thrax")
Lead - Maiden Magnets (48 hr film festival, May 2009)
Lead – Shades of Evil (2009, Ben Heald, dir, as "Tim Winchester")
Lead – Smashed (2008, Maddog Films, Seth Roberts, dir, as "Counselor Rick")
Principal – Open Court (Post Prod, Tim O’Connor, dir, as "Detective McLean")
Principal – The Intensive (Post Prod 2010, Shane Rhymer, dir, as "Izzy")
Supporting – Right of the Meridian (Post prod 2010, Sean Bradley, dir, as "Sergeant McLean")
Supporting – The Hit (2008, Ryan Combs, dir, Blair Underwood, James Russo,
Danny Moder,
Supporting – The Fight (2000, Spartan Entertainment, Marc Sandler, dir,
Supporting – Shadow Glories (1999, Ziad Hamzeh, award winning dir of “The Woman”)
Supporting – Disregarding Dick (2001, Short, Firelane 45 Films, Kate Fasulo, dir)
Lead – I Quit (2007, Portland Films, Bryan O’Connor, dir)
Lead – GI Joe; End of Peace (Web Series)– (2010, Forsaken Filmz, Scott Grass, dir,)

Television Credits:
Lead - Maine Energy Saver Lightbulbs Commercial (Gumspirits Prod. Inc. 2009)
Lead – Halloween Monster Mash Bash (The Bob Show, 2008)
Lead – November to Remember (The Bob Show, 2008)
Lead – Christmas Special (The Bob Show, 2008)
Lead – Cheaterz (Bob Show, 2008)
Lead – TMD (Bob Show, 2008)
Lead – G Harmony (Bob Show, 2009)
Lead – Wilson Protection Program (Bob Show, 2009)
Lead – X-Guys, Mutant Among Us (Bob Show, 2009)
Lead – GI Bob; The Enemy Within (Bob Show, 2009)
Lead – CSI Crime Scene Idiots (Bob Show, 2009 –
Written by Bill McLean)
Lead - Battle of the Blood, Bob Show (2010)
Lead - Cheaterz, Bob Show (2010)
Lead - MyTV New England Commercial, Dark Tower Entertainment (2010)
Lead - Battle of the Blood, Bob Show as Mr. Clydesdale (2011)
Lead - Cheaterz, Star Wars Edition, 2011
Lead - Batman Parody, Bob Show, 2011

Internet Credits:
Lead - GoDaddy Commercial (as "Ted") 2010
Lead - Benjamin Moore Ad (as Vampire) 2011
Lead - Benjamin Moore Ad (as Man on Date) 2011
Lead - Benjamin Moore Ad (as Paintball Bully) 2011

Stage Credits:
Lead - Perfect Joe (MPF, Acorn Studios, 2011)
Lead - Infestation (MPF, Acorn Studios, 2011)
Lead - Chasm (Freeport Comm Pkayers, 2010)
Lead - My 3 Angels (Gaslight Theatre 2010)
Lead - Born Yesterday (Gaslight Theatre 2010)
Lead - An American Werewolf In London
(Freeport Performing Arts Center, 2009)
Lead – The Story of Christ (SLBC, 2001)
Lead – The Easter Story (SLBC, 2002)
Lead – North American Indian Days Feature (1990)