(C) 2011 Freight Train Films, ARR.
Freight Train Films represented the film industry in Maine at the Capital Building.
Scooter McGruder premiered at the Nickelodeon Theater in Portland.
Scooter McGruder wins Best Feature Film as the LAFF International Film Festival.
Monique Dupree :  Scream Queen
Monique flew in from West Virginia
we were seriously impressed with her
professionalism and drive! She truly
is a Queen of Scream!
Jennifer Connors
Redimarker : Actress
Jennifer is an up and
coming actress from
right here in Maine,  she
did an incredible job !
Thank you Miss Jennifer!
Aurora Grabill : Actress
Aurora drove up from
Massachusettes. Dedicated
and very talented Aurora
really helped us out of a
filming jam. Thank you Aurora
for being so awesome!
Haley Norman : SFX and Makeup Artist
We discovered that Haley is a multi-tasker.
She made everyone look great on set and
then she stepped in front of the camera and
wowed us all with her acting ability!
Erin Macey
Erin came up from New Hampshire
to act in this trailer...Wait until you see
her performance.  
Don't let her beauty fool you... she's
a real killer on screen!
Bill McLean : Award winning
Actor/Script Writer/Producer
and most importantly, he's a
Maine native.
Peter Hoey : Actor,
New Jersey. Pete drove up to
Maine and really hit a home run
on the set.  He and Bill spent
some time together in LA, Cali
James Paine : Stage
Actor, Maine resident.
This was James' first film
shoot and he took it like a
seasoned professional!
Tim Anders : Actor,
Vermont. Tim drove
all the way up here
and scared everyone
on the set. (lol)
Nate Horn :
Photographer, Maine.
We roped Nate into
acting for us on this
Jessica Jacques : Actress
Jessica is a Maine resident and talented
actress.  She came to our set and acted
under some very extreme conditions, yet still
gave an incredible performance with no
complaints.  If you want stunning and
professional - you should hire Jessica.
Mike Clements : Stage and
Screen Actor, England (UK).
Mike is living in Maine now
and has a lot of talent on
stage as well as screen.
The director for the official trailer
for Red Shirt: David C. Miller.
David also edited the trailer
footage.  Go David!!!
Lucas Delehanty : Crew,
Maine (Cameo). We needed
a body, and Lucas provided -
in spades!  Excellent job
under extreme conditions!
Adobe Premier
This trailer is intended for Mature
Audiences only due to violent
content. (No nudity)
Theme Song by:
Security was pretty tight on the set.
If you make it past security, you get mauled by the make-up lady...
Personally, I think the ladies enjoyed this part, but I can't imagine why.
Geez, whip out a camera and POOF!
They all become Divas...
What the director is saying: OK
Bill, what I need you to do in this
scene is channel some cop-like
energy but make it look like you
are enjoying an evening with your
girlfriend.  Then I want you to lay
down on the bed next to Jennifer...

What Bill is hearing: Blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
lay down on the bed as close to
the hot actress as possible...

What Jennifer is thinking: I hope he
brushed his teeth.  I hope he's
wearing deodorant.  I asked for
Brad Pitt and they give me
clown.  I'd like to see
HIM wear this
stupid red nightgown and still take
this scene seriously.  Oh look,
there's a cobweb on the ceiling...
Thank God this scene is with a
competent actor like Mike, I was
worried it would be Bill...
I was taking direction, but
I guess the director lost
his train of thought when
I leaned forward so I
could hear him better...
The GATA strikes again!
There are no words for this photo.
Stop having fun on my set!
Lucas was goofing
around on our set...
So we fed him to a freaky
cannibalistic lady that was
hiding in the basement...
...Luckily, Kyle (The DP)
had his camera ready, so
that when we killed Lucas
he was able to capture it all
on film!  Which is good,
because we were able to
use the footage for the
teaser trailer.  After that, no
one goofed around on the
set and we were able to
actually get some work
Musical Score By
Andrew Downs