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Scooter McGruder wins Best Feature Film at the LAFF International Film Festival.
Scooter McGruder premiere coming to Lewiston/Auburn in February 2012.
Freight Train Films represented the film industry in Maine at the Capital Building.  Bill McLean was introduced
to the entire House and Senate, to roaring applause,  thanks to Representative Newendyke.
"How to Kill a Zombie"
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How to Kill a Zombie, Thomaston
Flagship Cinemas Theatrical Run
Currently in Production in association with
Killatainment Films and PSR Films;
Bad Kid
A hard-hitting Drama Thriller starring
Nikolas Whittemore, Deidre Sachs,
Juliana Spier, Leslie Trentalange, and
Bill McLean  Directed by Seth Roberts
Official Screenshot from "Bad Kid"
Actor Nikolas Whittemore
Photo Courtesy PSR Images, all rights
Attention Maine an New England!  Acting Classes November 29th (Sat).  In Monmouth
Maine. Introduction to acting for film and stage.  In depth tips and techniques to give you a
leg up in your first or next audition.  Award winning and internationally distributed
Producer/Writer/Actor Bill McLean will be personally overseeing the class and working with
you to help you improve your chances to get that role.  Two classes, three hours each.  
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Our film agent (DiBacco Films) has just picked up the
services of Allied Artists Films (Hollywood, CA) as the
screener for our future films.  Here we go...