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News / Awards

News 1.  Sept 22nd 2018 - We are currently looking for a slim, fit, capable actress 18/25 years old to portray a warrior Elf.  Contact us here or email the director at and put "Female Elf" in the subject line.  Send current head and body shots.
News 2.  We are currently seeking professional SFX artist to create a Vampire and a Succubus for our next Feature Film.  Contact here or email the director at with pics/links to work.  Paid gig.
News 3. Official DVD / VOD Release Date for HKZ

How to Kill a Zombie was released by Maxim Media International / Brain Damage Films, for world-wide distribution on October 6th, 2015. 

News 4. Festival Nominations:

How to Kill a Zombie hit festivals and was nominated for Best in Maine (Emerge 2014), People's Choice Award (Emerge 2014), Best Feature Film (Sanford, 2014).

News 5. Scooter McGruder "Director's Cut 2019"

Coming soon! Scooter McGruder, a family comedy and winner of Best Feature Film, People's Choice Award.

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